Every Salon is different

As it all depends on the thought-provikers from around the globe who trigger an important message. And especially you, the co-creator in the room, who challenges the conversation. That is the magic of bench-sharing, the power of collective intelligence. The secret sauce of impact & success.

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60 participants

6+ global thought-leaders

1 crucial conversation about human-centric leadership for a thriving tomorrow

Change Makers

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July 4th


Our Thought-Leaders 2019

... will challenge you into an insightful, controversial and progressive dialogue about the impact, responsibility and mindset of successful leadership for the future.

We don't believe in celebrities, but deep wisdom. Our thought-leaders are front runners, bridge builders, wall demolishers, mavericks and big heart souls who are eager to create a thriving future for all.

'Enough Already' is his statement

CEO, Founder & TEDx Speaker

Miami, USA

Transformation Learning Designer

at Hyper Island

Spain / New York

'Social Major Activism' is her engagement

Founder Agile Human, University Professor

Belgrade, Serbia

'Redefining education' is his passion

Founder Happiness Agora, VP Adtalem

Miami, Mexico, New York

And a few more conversation leads are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

'Stop doing the “social sexy”'

Chief Radical at Human Innovation Garage, TEDx Speaker

Boston, USA

'Culture Clash & Education' is her expertise

Former UN, now University change agent

Berlin, Germany

'How things come to life'

Researcher VU University in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Berlin

'The new China “

Trusted Digital Advisor,  CoFounder "BuzzRank now powered by dpa"


Are you ...

Participation by invitation or application only to ensure an excellent diverse group.

an executive, leader and change maker in the corporate arena, in charge for innovation, culture, people or change? Are your eager to look at your own leadership excellence to accelerate your responsibility into an impact for the great good?


We love to have your voice in the room.


Instead of just sitting on the side-line, 'participants' are co-creators at the Salon, driving and challenging the status quo in crucial conversations.


The outcome: cutting-edge insights of best practices and a powerful network of like minded agents to drive collectively as a wider trusted ecosystem the future of our entities & society.

Location, location, location

Urban gentefication par excellence at the new french quarter in the heart of Düsseldorf. Plus an amazing creative and sustainable new partner. That promise a very unique location for our 2019 Salon. Just the right place for our vision and your ignition.

Our partner: Havas Worldwide is an award-winning, fully integrated global advertising company, specializing in marketing, design, digital and corporate communications - with a special twist on social change.

Everything is Digital

Even digital is not everything.

Join us soon as our community building and sharing starts already now. With gratitude to our partner LUDIC we are connecting, sharing and learning also on their award winning plattform 'SmartLab'.

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