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Lets Change the Course of the Future together.

World-class thought leaders and forward-thinking executives such as you, explore since 2018 at the intimate settings of our annual #FoL SALON how business leaders can maneuver their organizations and teams through the opportunities and tsunamis of today’s exponential evolution.
Our mantra:
  • Conversation is Key.
  • Relationships are the new Gold.
  • Wisdom starts Within.
Time for a NEW PARADIGM?!
There’s one thing we know for sure – the future will look different. Very different.

Being a leader in the era of IR 4.0, AI and Quantum Disruption is not a walk in the park.

Especially today we need leaders who steer with significance and long-term systemic impact. 

Up for joining the progressive and controversial conversation at the next Future of Leadership Salon?

Leadership in the Age of AI

Thursday April 25th, 2024

in Düsseldorf, Germany

Once again we invited a diverse group of European Corporate Leaders to explore in an intimate setting what it means to 'create Protopia'. Yes, you heard right: we are not stopping at Dystopia, nor we shoot for Utopia. We lead a movement of leaders who steer with heart and wisdom - human-centric & regenerative for next generation.

Be a trouble maker

Swim against the stream, question the status quo and join the discussion.

Our 2024 Thought-Provokers

10 global Thought-Leaders from diverse fields of Tech, Human Potential, Science to Organizational Dev. spun our brain in multiple directions.

We loved again to have a full room with diverse voices from Germany & Europe. Instead of just sitting on the side-line, 'participants' are co-creators at the Salon, driving and challenging the status quo in crucial conversations.

The outcome in a nutshell:

Self inquiries & growth, cutting-edge insights of best practices of the future and a powerful network of like minded corporate change agents to thrive collectively a universal trusted ecosystem of our entities & society.

Our Promise