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Join our virtual 2024 (Satellite) series to stay energized and future ready.

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Join us for an enriched 2024 journey in leadership evolution! Our annual Future of Leadership Salon has expanded into an immersive Virtual Satellite Series. Across 12 months, delve into impactful discussions led by top-tier global experts, fostering continuous growth and a robust network. Experience the essence of a diverse perspective through these 2-hour Satellite Salons offered once a month. Connect, reflect, and draw inspiration in our border-less, sharing-focused environment. Reserve your spot, share your challenges, and unlock collective wisdom for problem-solving!

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January 23rd, 2024

UN Happiness Foundation



February 14th


Vicki Zoll 2022 -1.jpg


March 7th, 2024

Female Panel

Vicki Zoll, Vanessa Ehlers

David Rooke.jpeg


April 9th, 2024

Harthill Consulting

2021 Mario Herger 07.jpeg


May 7th, 2024

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12 Satellites - 1 per months - for constant new impulses, networking and peer-consulting.

You can join one time or every time. Our framework is based on a research conducted by our founder and futurist Eve Simon about the 7 Capabilities of Future Impactful Leaders and the Art of Hosting.

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What's next

We never want to stop the discussion.

From our core annual Salon we extend our wings into smaller and often virtual (Satellite) Salons for our global community.

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Join our community and stay up to date

Growth emerges when we leave our comfort zone.

Join us in unique settings, (dis)comfortable inquiries, mind changing conversations - to accelerate for a greater impact.

Satellite(s) I Transformation Journey(s) I Interactive Lab(s)

Leadership is not a position, it's a mindset.

The Journey of a leader of tomorrow just began.

Join our community and stay up to date

Transformation Journey

May 29-31th

Join us for a special Transformative Journey to Oslo during the KFF 2024

Like to know more?

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Since 2018 we hosted several Satellites - physical from London to Amsterdam to San Francisco as well as virtual. They were all igniting new insights around Future Leadership and created a global community of impact.

Would you like to bring our expertise into your company? We are happy to design your leadership labs, conference or learning journey.

Replays and impressions we also shared @ LinkedIn

Tranformation Journey
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