What's next

We never want to stop the discussion.

So from our core annual Salon we extend our wings into smaller Satellite Salons hosted by various leaders from our community.

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Growth emerges when we leave our comfort zone.

Join us in unique settings, (dis)comfortable inquiries, mind changing conversations - to accelerate for a greater impact.

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Leadership is not a position, it's a mindset.

The Journey of a leader of tomorrow just began.

Leave your comfort zone

and explore your inner compass.

Our 2019 Calendar

  1. January 31st/February 1st, Düsseldorf      - Reset, explore your inner Leadership Compass

  2. February 21st/February 22nd, Düsseldorf - Reset, explore your inner Leadership Compass

  3. March 23rd, Düsseldorf                             - Happiness Agora Germanya

  4. April 25.-30.4., San Francisco/Silicon Valley - 'Evolutionary Leadership Tour'

  5. May tbd, Düsseldorf                                    - 'The new China'

  6. June 28.-29., Stockholm area                    - 'Inside Retreat'



Reflect on your Inner Compass to start focused into 2019 - with purpose and a roadmap.

This 2 day success proved program from Oxford Leadership will give you clarity of your inner Journey to create external impact.

Burn - without burning out

31.1.-1.2.2019 in Düsseldorf

21.2.-22.2.2019 in Düsseldorf

Save the date: March 23rd

We will explore 'Happiness at Work' in collaboration with the digital world summit 'Happiness Agora'.

All info's and sign-up here.


In 2018 we hosted several Satellites - physical and virtual. They were sweet, deep and fun, and clearly all different.
You will find replays and impressions on our social media sites such as here @ LinkedIn
Would you like to host a Satellite?
Living room or board room, it's all great. Invite great minds you always wanted to connect with but never had the chance and let the ripple effect unfold.
Connect with us and if you like, we support you in all you need. We will be your guide, muse and inspiration to create a special experience for your guests.