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What's next

We never want to stop the discussion.

So from our core annual Salon we extend our wings into smaller Satellite Salons hosted by various leaders from our community.

Stay up to date about future Satellite

Join our community and stay up to date

Growth emerges when we leave our comfort zone.

Join us in unique settings, (dis)comfortable inquiries, mind changing conversations - to accelerate for a greater impact.

Satellite(s) I Transformation Journey(s) I Interactive Lab(s)

Leadership is not a position, it's a mindset.

The Journey of a leader of tomorrow just began.

Join our community and stay up to date
Join our community and stay up to date




Interactive Labs


We hosted several Satellites - physical and virtual. They were sweet, deep and fun,
and clearly all different.
You will find replays and impressions on our social media sites such as here @ LinkedIn
Would you like to host a Satellite?
Living room or board room, it's all great. Invite great minds you always wanted to connect with but never had the chance and let the ripple effect unfold.

Transformation Journey(s)

Explore your Inner Landscape to lead strongly from within. This workshop gives you clarity on your vision, purpose and values and lets you overcome barriers to conquer the next level of leadership.
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Interactive Lab(s)

Here we again go into conversation - related to a topic.
Join us on March 18th at 7pm CET for a Panel on Happiness at Work and the benefits for leaders. (English)
on Monday, March 22nd at 6pm to explore Happiness at Work on an individual level. (German)
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We love to hear from you, we love to support you in all you need. We will be your guide, muse and inspiration to create a special in-house experience as well.
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