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Requisite Agility * Female Leadership

Salon(S) 2023

Finally again in-Person we actually got involved with the FoL Salon on two occasions. But to be honest ... these were tiny little baby steps to spread our wings, explore after the pure home-office era what is new, cutting-edge and also needed in the leadership space to get up to speed for 2024.

Requisite Agility
April, 21st, 2023

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Dr David L. Francis (UK) who was the Team Leader of the first academic research study to identify the importance of Requisite Agility more than 20 years ago, brought us into a thought-provoking exploration about the importance to adjust organizations consciously and requisite towards agility to be most effective.

A few more minds who challenged this question from different sites.

RA workshop team.jpg

Curse or Blessing?

This question we explored during the days in London with a small group of change agents based on the research of Dave Francis (Exploiting Agility for Advantage) and the University of Brighton. The 7-Step model provided us a format to decide on real-life examples when agility becomes effective or distructed.


Female Leadership
November, 1, 2023

The world needs strong female voices and role-models who live and lead with kindness and clarity.


Questions we asked:
What is holding women back?
How does a company for fathers look like?
Does CARE or DARE wins the race?

Instead of fighting outer requirements, we believe the power of achievements lies with. So we invited 15 women to design their life from the inside out, hack  barriers, create a vision and strategies the road map to reach what their heart desires.

It's time that women show the World What they are made of.


Curious for more?

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