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April 25th, 2024

Leadership in the Age of AI


Forget Utopia. Ignore Dystopia. Embrace Protopia!

Before we travel to Mars, let‘s first explore how we, as leaders, ensure we don't compromise beautiful Mother Earth and our society in the age of AI and Quantum Computing

Impulses we will build on

Key Questions we will explore


What will it take to unleash human wisdom?


How will our future work-life environments operate?


What kind of AI world do we want to create for future generations?


How will we adopt to satisfy our human and planetary needs?


Who are the key drivers to dare and care in our rapid evolving world?

Meet our
global Thought Provokers

This impactful diverse global group of front runners, bridge builders, wall demolishers, mavericks and big heart souls are eager to create a thriving future for all - with you! We are more than honored to have them with us.

Sustainably Conscious

Our intention is to look at our quest about the Future Leadership from a diverse perspective. And we still are conscious around travel and our carbon footprint. Out of this reason, we now offer additional virtual Satellite sessions with our global Thought-Provokers from overseas. Check out our monthly line-up


of the Salon

German / English


The Space sets the tone.

We couldn't be more grateful to find once again an amazing partner to curate the Salon with us.

P3 is a leader in the digital and mobile field, human-centric oriented, self-organized and so much more - a global trailblazer, with a beautiful office in Düsseldorf which we may call our home base on
April 25th, 2024 from 8am to 8pm.

Kaistraße 11

40221 Düsseldorf

Hold tide

Everyone who explored the Salon before knows, that we will keep you on your toes with some unconventional business ideas. Some called the style of the Salon 'French Revolution', others said 'it felt like a warm bath in a very cold business world'.

Curious about the stories behind the pictures?

VR Gamerchanger?
The Web of Ecosystems?
The magic of Tribes?
Robots on Wheels?
Robot Sensoring Man
Perform Globally (1).png

Our Team.

Our facilitator and co-creator team is nothing short of extraordinary. Their prowess in strategic thinking, global awareness, and leadership development is unparalleled. We are more than grateful to each of them - their vision and expertise shape with us the trajectory of leadership, ensuring a brighter and more impactful future for us all.


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