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endangered species.

Technology matters over Purpose.

Well, we don't think so.

We are eager to support leaders with integrity, inspiration and consciousness for the greater good. This species should never ceasing.


We believe that Germany and Europe, now and in the future, leads the way into a future where everyone can thrive - economy, people and our planet.

And the best way is to do this collectively.

Numbers speak

150 Mrd. €

The estimated productivity growth for German industry through 4.0-applications is seen in a range of 90-150 billion Euros within the next five to ten years. (KPMG)

The University of Oxford, on the other hand, has predicted that 47 percent of jobs will disappear over the next 20 years.

> ¾

In a 2016 McKinsey study of more than 52.000 managers, 86% rates themselves as inspiring and good role models. But this stands in stark contrast to how employees perceive their leaders.


A 2016 Gallup engagement survey found that 82% of employees see their leaders as fundamentally uninspiring.

(‘The Mind of the Leader’)


It turns out that just under half the time, 46.9% to be exact, people are doing what's called 'mind wandering'.


They are not focused on the outside world or the task at hand, they are looking into their own thoughts.

What decision are we making in this kind of state?! 

(study by Daniel Gilbert)

Stay up to date

Let's start a revolution

Überschrift 4

Conversation will challenge the status-quo.

Besides our annual Salon in Düsseldorf, we span our wings globally and meet in smaller intimate settings to share, challenge and learn from leaders in their fields, igniting conferences and undergrounds ready to disrupt.


The Journey just began ...

The Team behind the Scene

As we believe in collective intelligence, over time we brought some very creative movers together to make this vision a reality.

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Eve Simon, an international management consultant and early driver of the Conscious Business movement witnessed, that deep transformation happens, when we leave our silos and deeply connected conversations emerge.

Instead of another summit, she envisioned a 'french revolution style' conversation and think-tank which will lead leaders of today into a thriving direction for our next generations.

She is just an email way:

Bridging the worlds

Eve Simon, Igniter & Curator of the Future of Leadership Salon

Please meet the team behind the scene here

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