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Lets Change the Course of the Future together.

World-class thought leaders and forward-thinking executives such as you, explore since 2018 at the intimate settings of our FoL SALON how business leaders can maneuver their organizations through the opportunities and tsunamis of today’s exponential explosions.
Our mantra:
  • Conversation is Key.
  • Relationships are the new Gold.
  • Wisdom starts Within.
Time for a NEW PARADIGM?!

Be a trouble maker

Swim against the stream, question the status quo and join the discussion

Since 2018 we are hosting annual Salon's in unique locations in Germany - bridging the gap to innovation hubs around the world - inviting top leaders such as you from Europe to join this journey of sustainable change and performance.

Kick-starting 2021 in collaboration with Oxford Leadership Eve Simon, Founder of the Salon designed and curated a 12 hour day with 48 amazing sessions with 42 highly talented speakers from around the globe.

February 11th, 2021

9am CET - 9pm CET

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Eager to join this extreme diverse group of Corporate Leaders

to explore what it means to 'think and act exponentially' and

lead with heart and wisdom for next generations?

Meet a few of our Fortune 500, mid-size and start-ups of

last year's Salons who mingled with global thought-leaders and representatives from politics and academia.

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Our Thought-Provokers

... will always challenge you into an insightful, controversial and progressive dialogue about the impact, responsibility and mindset of successful leadership for the future.

We don't believe in celebrities, but deep wisdom and long-term success. Our thought-leaders are front runners, bridge builders, wall demolishers, mavericks and big heart souls who are eager to create a thriving future for all.

Your take-aways

As an executive, leader or change maker in the corporate arena, in charge for innovation, growth or culture and people you are eager to look at your own leadership excellence to accelerate your responsibility into an impact for the great good.

Collectively we will lift up our leadership game.


We love to have your voice in the room. Instead of just sitting on the side-line, 'participants' are co-creators at the Salon and Satillites driving and challenging the status quo in crucial conversations.

Bench sharing is the key for success - without competitive boundaries - for a network economy.


The outcome in a nutshell: self inquiries & growth, cutting-edge insights of best practices and a powerful network of like minded agents to thrive collectively in a trusted ecosystem the future of our entities & society.

The Salon is the space for one crucial eye-to-eye conversation

about human-centric leadership for a thriving tomorrow.


Our Salon format?

Barcamp meets... TEDx meets... World Cafe meets... Urban Retreat

A place where heart and mind meets!

Every Salon is unique.

It's for YOU to excel your leadership mindset in all dimensions - Self, Team & Entity!

Paul Ashcroft,

Co-Founder and Partner, The Ludic Group LLP, England

Congratulations on an amazing inaugural Salon!  

I really enjoyed meeting all the 'co-creators' - it was a super interesting mix of people and ideas.  

It’s always a brave thing to do to create something new - it was fantastic.   


I particularly loved all the little creative details - the DJ, the coffee car, the graphics, room names and of course the wonderful creative facilitation team. 


I’m excited and positive about working with you more on this.

There’s one thing we know for sure – the future will look different. Very different.
Being a leader in the fourth Industrial Revolution is not a walk in the park.
Especially today we need leaders who steer with impact and significance. 
Who believe in a human-centric focus and use innovation for the greater good.
The network mindset is standing for growth and the strongest relationships are based on powerful conversations.
That is why we created the Future of Leadership Salon.

Our Partners in Crime

Only together with one vision we can shake up the world and co-create collectively positive change.

We are deeply grateful to our partners.

Only with these visionaries, movers and shakers who support our mission we are able to drive this initiative in such a speed forward.

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