8080 change maker12 Hours

77 Change Makers

7 Thought-Leaders

7 intense Sessions

deep discussions

multiple new connections

tons of co-creation

1 Vision

a new Ecosystem

July 2019

@ Havas

Agenda fuer PoerPoint.jpg

Another amazing intimate and creative gathering of Corporate Change Makers met on July 4th to explore how connected and dependent we are in a digital era.

Glass Buildings

Our Thought-Provokers of 2019

... were challenging all of us into an insightful, controversial and progressive dialogue about the impact, responsibility and mindset of successful leadership for the future. Please meet the mavericks of 2019.

Who was in the room?

'The new China “

Trusted Digital Advisor,  CoFounder "BuzzRank now powered by dpa"


Topics they triggered ...

'Enough Already' is his statement

CEO, Founder & TEDx Speaker

Miami, USA

'Social Major Activism' is her engagement

Founder Agile Human, University Professor

Belgrade, Serbia

'Redefining education' is his passion

Founder Happiness Agora, VP Adtalem

Miami, Mexico, New York

'Stop doing the “social sexy”'

Chief Radical at Human Innovation Garage, TEDx Speaker

Boston, USA

'Culture Clash & Education' is her expertise

Former UN, now University change agent

Berlin, Germany

'The new China “

Trusted Digital Advisor,  CoFounder "BuzzRank now powered by dpa"


'How things come to life'

Researcher VU University in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Berlin

The companies who joined

Our cherished partners & sponsors in 2019

Location, location, location

Urban gentrification par excellence at the new french quarter in the heart of Düsseldorf. Plus an amazing creative and sustainable new partner. That promised a very unique location for our 2019 Salon. Just the right place for our vision and your ignition.

Our partner: Havas Worldwide is an award-winning, fully integrated global advertising company, specializing in marketing, design, digital and corporate communications - with a special twist on social change.

The outcome

The content was rich - next to building a wide network tribe and igniting conversations.

Be part of our bench-sharing Think Tank

Everything is Digital

Even digital is not everything.

Our community building and sharing started already before the event through our digital plattform - graciously sponsored by LUDIC as an award winning solution in blended learning & transformation.

This way you couldn't miss a session, and were still able to be fully engaged in the follow up discussions - up till today the bench-sharing flows.


The annual Salon2020

took place virtually

on Nov. 26th, 2020

Let us know

if you'd like to join us.

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